Insurtech Columbus

September 06, 2017   Columbus, OH

Second Annual Insurtech Event Hosted in Columbus Ohio

Last year we tried something new for Central Ohio - to gather anyone interested in discussing trends in insurance. We called it Insurance360 (which was since then renamed to Insurtech Columbus). We had carrier executives, insurance agents, underwriters, actuaries, startup entrepreneurs, investors and people outside the industry show up. Over 50 came to hear a panel and network. This year, back by popular demand, we've asked a few speakers to join and focus the conversation on innovation. Come join us, it's free and although it's here in Central Ohio this event is meant for everyone.

Drew Aldrich
Insurtech Investor
Chad Caldwell
Insurance Innovator
Allan Egbert
Insurtech Entrepreneur
Jay Weintraub
Insuretech Connect Founder
Parker Beuchamp
Agency Visionary
Matt Armstead
Insurtech Startup Accelerator
Michael Sapienza
Global Agent Marketing
Julie Zimmer
Insurtech Startup Executive
Jennifer Overhulse
PR Extraordinaire
Ilya Bodner
Startup Enthusiast
Kevin Pohmer
Fintech Exec and Investor
Cheryl Lebens
Risk & Strategy Officer
The event is over. Registration is unavailable.
2nd Floor
Fintech71 - 107 S High St, Columbus OH 43215
107 South High Street, Columbus, OH 43215